Maritime fashion & casual clothing

The days become warmer and while women have relatively easy to dress for the weather, there is less stylish alternatives for us men. Thus, Carl Djerassi combined two important life places: Vienna – his birthplace – and San Francisco – the city first offered refuge and then home to him after the emigration from the National Socialist Austria.

Not surprising grew up as the daughter of entrepreneurs in the fashion industry, career as a model made and later as a boutique owner there, if she is even confident style and failed every day celebrates fashion.

Since the label founded in 1992, the makers of the brand are always open for new inspirations and trends and combine quality, style and a good price for people who know fashion in terms of what they are looking for in their styles.

Just at the age of 1½-8 years in which children develop their motor skills, they need to can – move freely and without restriction and the inside as well as outside, in the summer as well as in the wet autumn or winter.

The children’s clothing at baby-walz comes from high quality brands such as STEIFF, OILILY or ESPRIT – about brands, which in their collections take up not only the fashion of the great and inspire with playful details, but even great emphasize on the quality of fabrics and a pleasant wearing feeling.

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